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OISC 2014 Season

published on March 25, 2012 

The popular Indoor Inline program begins November 8th!  Click here for details.

Here's what the line up includes for 2014:

  • Our Fitness program to be held in the Gatineau Park on Tuesday evenings (at the War Museum early season).
  • Social skates on the NCC paths every Thursday evening
  • Sunday group skating at the Rockcliffe parkway
  • 24 Hour Inline Weekend in Montreal - Aug 23-24
  • Non-skating social events
  • And much more!

Our season begins the week of April 24, click the Programs menu above for more details.

About the Ottawa Inline Skating Club

The OISC offers social skating, technique training for advanced skaters and fun social activities to skaters of different levels with its objective being to "promote fitness, recreation, and competitive abilities through inline skating".

OISC provides a variety of programs for inline skaters.  Our fitness program provides weekly training workouts for advanced skaters to keep in shape and learn technique for racing and speed skating.  Our social program is designed for skaters at all levels, every Thursday evening we head out to a different NCC path then refresh for a drink and dinner at a local pub. 

The fitness program is designed to assist skaters training for racing events including the Montreal Marathon in July and the 24 Hour Inline in August.

Our Social program includes both skating and non-skating events to complement the fitness programs and provides lots of fun for all!

How to register?

In order to reduce our running costs, we are no longer offering online registration.  Our membership fee is $45, but come out and try a session for $5. Please contact membership@inlineottawa.com for more information.

Click here for more information about the Fitness Program.

Click here for more information about the Social Program.

Read more about the Club

City of Ottawa Beginner Training

The Ottawa Inline Skating Club is designed for members who have learned how to skate.  If you are new to inline skating and are looking for beginner training, the City of Ottawa offers beginner inline skating training in the spring. Here's how to access these courses on the City web site:

1. Browse to the Service Ottawa site at https://apps102.ottawa.ca/Activities/ActivitiesAdvSearch.asp

2. Under the heading "Browse for Activities", click "Adult" then "Skating".

3. Scroll down and you will see the list of the beginner and intermediate courses and locations offered.

Once you feel comfortable braking and navigating hills, come out and join us for social skates on Thursday nights.  Our members can offer tips during the social skates.